About Us

At Colonial Village, our staff has a philosophy of care that is implemented into the everyday operations. Our philosophy is to include dignity, quality, choices, respect and community into what we provide every day. We always strive to fulfill our vision using the value statement as a guide.

1. Our Mission

Purpose, Passion and Joy in life.

2. Our Vision

Colonial Village is a senior living community dedicated to providing service, stewardship and simplicity through the transitions of life.

3. Our Value Statement

Colonial Village is guided by and strives to practice these Five Precepts of Culture of Aging:

Dignity — At Colonial Village, we recognize, understand and honor each individual’s perspective, life experiences and ideas.

Quality — At Colonial Village, we strive to provide the highest level of excellence in service and care.

Choice — As a member of the Colonial Village community, you give us daily opportunities to meet your individual needs.

Respect — At Colonial Village, we admire and acknowledge the unique qualities of each person.

Community — At Colonial Village, a community is important to us. We have a genuine desire to join together and build lasting relationships.

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