Assisted Living in Kansas City
Inquire at Colonial Village about assisted living in Kansas City; we want you to see first-hand how our facility’s amenities make our community a real home for our residents. Request additional information by calling 913-730-3700 or explore our online resources to see why we are a top-rated assisted living home in KC. Assisted Living in Kansas City

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Chandler Assisted Living

Chandler assisted living specialists at ParkLand Memory Care would love to answer your questions about our facility as you search for the right memory care center. We employ highly trained caregivers who ensure your loved one maintains their individuality instead of becoming one more in a crowd of patients.

Rehabilitation Center Fargo

The Meadows on University

1315 South University Drive

You may have heard that The Meadows on University was the best rehabilitation center in Fargo. Our staff would love to show you around if you’d like to take a closer look at our amenities, treatment options, and services. Our physicians and nursing staff believe our patients deserve the best treatment available.

Dbt Therapy Austin

Sage Recovery & Wellness

Inquire about DBT therapy in Austin when you contact Sage Recovery & Wellness Center- we’d love the opportunity to answer your questions about treatment during a confidential phone call. You’ll also find treatment info located on our website if you’re comparing programs and treatment options in your community.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Fitness Kid Corp

250 Pehle Ave Suite 200
Saddle Brook

Invest in indoor playground equipment that will be around for many years to come; purchase your gym online from FitnessKid and save on sale-priced items in stock and shipping now. Our gyms get kids off the couch and moving; in fact, they’ll want to spend every waking minute on their indoor playground. Fitness Kid Corp