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Memory Care Ames

We understand the difficulty inherent to the process of looking for a memory care facility in Ames. The last thing we all want is for one of our loved ones to go through this situation, but the first thing we should do is find the best Ames Alzheimer’s care center. And you are on the right track for that. 

Losing memory is one of the hardest conditions one can see in a loved one, as more than often even having a conversation is complex. However, we never renounce hope when it comes to improving our resident’s life, that’s why we’ve focused on providing a state-of-the-art medical service up to the expectations of our era.

Northridge Village is known for providing one of the best Ames IA memory care services, as our team of health professionals is updated in all the possible therapies that lessen the consequences of Alzheimer’s. 

It is time for you to reach out to the experts and let us help you in improving the overall well-being of your loved ones. Our main goal is to make them feel at home, let’s achieve it together!

Maggie’s Place: a cozy place you can call home

Featuring 16 individual bedrooms, Maggie’s Place is designed to make anybody think they never left home. It’s a safe space where residents can feel comfortable and accompanied.

On top of our specialized medical services, Maggie’s place is set to be the scenario of many different activities thought to energize our residents. From socializing during the activities to relaxing with family and friends, a dynamic routine is guaranteed in this memory care center in Ames.

Furthermore, all residents are encouraged to bring all of their special pictures and family treasures with them. We want each bedroom to be accurately designed for the likes of our members, as their joy is our north. Also, and seeking maximum comfort for each resident, each bedroom has a private bathroom.

Moreover, they’ll never have to worry about any kind of house-related activity. Our trained staff will be permanently present to help and assure each resident of the wellbeing they deserve.

A dynamic lifestyle for the spirit

All the different areas of Maggie’s place are secured for the presence of our residents, thinking about their condition and avoiding any possible risk for their health. Nonetheless, we have developed fenced courtyards and dining rooms for them to socialize freely.

One of the elements we have implemented in our memory care facilities in Ames is music therapy. Experts have demonstrated the effectiveness of this methodology and now we offer group and individualized music activities that include groundbreaking programs like the Music and Memory therapy and “It’s Never 2 Late”.

And don’t think for a moment we don’t care about our residents’ looks. We have a secured barber and beauty salon on-site for all of our members to keep their shape. 

Dining options and floor plans

Our medical team includes licensed nutritionists that will conduct personalized studies on each resident to select a proper dietary schedule. This doesn’t mean our members won’t be able to enjoy fantastic meals, but rather if one of them has any food restrictions, will be thorough in offering only an appropriate menu.

Regarding housing options, Maggie’s place has 16 bedrooms each one designed to guarantee privacy and comfort. These 245 square ft. pieces all have personal bathrooms, closets, and television. The widened room allows for the comfort we are known for offering, as many residents cite this as their favorite feature at Northridge Village. 

You are now aware of all the benefits of the very best among memory care facilities in Ames. Don’t hesitate to reach our team and give your loved one the greatest treatment and lifestyle possible. 

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