Senior Living Kansas City

Senior Living Kansas City

There will come the point in time when you will need to decide between a senior living home or home care. It might be for a loved one or even you. Heck, you might even be at that point now if you are reading this. Whatever the case might be, the affordability of both options is worth considering. So, are senior living homes cheaper than home care? Let’s find out.

What Are Senior Living Homes?

This refers to facilities that provide housing and care services to seniors who find it challenging to live independently. These seniors have an active function of their limbs and can move about by themselves. It is a great housing option for retired old folks.

Cost of Senior Living Homes?

  Senior living homes’ services are often comprised of housing, amenities, support services, and health care. There are many senior living homes in the Kansas City area, but the average cost of living in such a facility is about $4,300 per month. This cost is subject to location, the level of care needed, the size of the living space, number of roommate(s) and whatnot.

What is Home Care?

This is a growing kind of services in the Kansas City area. It involves a range of services that include companionship, transportation, supervision, personal care and other forms of assistance for seniors living at home. It often excludes nursing care and is largely dependent on the individual’s unique needs. Although the level of care will vary based on the individual’s need, it often excludes nursing care.

Cost of Home Care?

The cost of home care largely depends on where you stay and the agency or individual you contract, among many other factors. That said, the average cost of home care is in the region of $4,576. There are also related costs like groceries, utilities and maintenance. When you factor those related costs, the cost of home care might even double.

Are Senior Living Homes Cheaper Than Home Care

Let’s do the math. At an average of $4,300 a month, one year of living in a senior living home should cost about $51,600. On the flip side, it costs more than $4,576 to get home care services when you add all the related costs. Let’s say an average of $7,000 a month will get you the home care services you need. A year of home care services will amount to $84,000. Going by these calculations, it is clear that senior living homes are cheaper than home care.  

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At Colonial Village, we take pride in being a senior living community that’s unlike other nursing homes. We consider ourselves a continuum of care where residents can age in place under one roof. Importantly, our workers treat everyone as family and we encourage the residents to do the same. As a result, we can guarantee a living home where seniors can age with their dignity intact. Do you wish to know more about us or bring in a senior? Call 913-730-7300 and we’ll be glad to attend to your needs.  





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