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Some senior adults have primary caregivers who attend to them on a daily basis. The caregivers are usually partners, children, or close relatives who live with them full-time and fulfill their needs. Taking care of older adults, especially those requiring personal assistance several times a day and constant medical monitoring, can be overwhelming to an untrained caregiver. Many caregivers hardly get any time to themselves, have trouble keeping up with their jobs, suffer from sleep deprivation, and are unable to maintain a social life.

Senior care communities in Omaha offer relief for caregivers who’re overwhelmed and for older adults with no access to a primary carer. At Via Christe, we’re a leading facility for senior living in Omaha. Our facilities, staff, and services provide ultimate support for older adults who cannot live alone.

Our Senior Living Facilities, Safety, Amenities, Medical Distribution

At Via Christe, we have facilities that allow us to provide multiple levels of care to our assisted living and retirement communities. Residents who are part of our assisted living program enjoy as much independence as possible. For this program, we have graduating levels of care to allow guests with changing needs to remain in a familiar environment.

Our secure floors are for residents receiving memory care. Seniors needing memory care usually require more assistance than those in assisted living; that is why we’ve set aside two separate floors for them.

Primary caregivers in need of a break or short-term assistance can sign bring their loved ones to our respite care program, where we provide transitional medical care. Older adults who are with us temporarily reside in studio-style apartments where our staff aid them with recovery and make them feel at home.

Our residents can choose from corner view apartments with ten windows, single standard apartments with 2/4 windows, and deluxe apartments, which are the largest with an area of 470 sq. ft.


We have various amenities that support independent living for seniors in Omaha and allow them to fill their days with fun activities. Our top of the line amenities include:

  • Spacious living rooms
  • Landscaped outdoor patio
  • Craft room
  • Library
  • Elevator
  • Wheelchair-accessible van for transportation
  • Private family dining room


We have security cameras installed around the facility to ensure the safety of our residents. Each room has a nurse call monitoring system, and our medical staff is on duty 24 hours a day so that our guests are attended to promptly in case of any emergency.

Medical Distribution

Our medical professionals also provide medication management for residents, making sure they take their medicine as scheduled. Our specialized staff work with personal physicians and families to develop a personalized plan for each guest requiring medical assistance.

Enjoy Life at a Leading Senior Care Facility

If you’re searching for the finest senior living options near you, look no further than us. At Via Christe, we offer premier amenities, facilities, and services perfect for senior living in Omaha. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy your senior years surrounded by your peers and without worrying about daily obligations. Contact Via Christe Assisted Living Community; Learn more: 402-551-5557. Take a virtual tour: Contact us online:

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