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Teen Therapy Los Angeles

As kids grow into teenagers, they develop emotional intelligence and social skills from the environments they are exposed to. These factors and more contribute to a happy and healthy teenager. However, some kids develop emotions and social skills that affect their well-being. Los Angeles teen therapy can help if you’ve noticed your child has challenges.

Every teen has a unique set of problems, ranging from social to interpersonal issues. For instance, your teenager may be having mood swings. And while mood swings might seem like a normal part of growing up, a teenager could be having a rough time with the changing moods. As such, therapy shouldn’t only be limited to serious health issues or life-changing situations. So, if your kid seems to be struggling with unusual mood swings, among other issues, seeking premier teen therapy in Los Angeles from us at Yellow Chair Collective can prevent so many situations from escalating into full-blown problems.

FAQS About Teen Therapy

Here are questions we’re asked about teen therapy:

How Do I Find a Good Therapist for My Teenager?

To find the best teen therapy in Los Angeles, you should:

  • Pick a therapist with a proven track record of successfully assisting teenagers
  • Make sure the therapist is licensed
  • Find out about the experience of former clients with a potential therapist. You can read the feedback from previous clients on trusted review sites like Google Reviews

Should I Force My Teenager to Go to Therapy?

When a teenager is forced to go for therapy, there’s a high likelihood they might not benefit from it. While you may successfully drag them to their appointments, you won’t be able to nudge them to open up about what they are really going through.

In case your child is having cold feet about therapy, there are ways you can get help:

  • Discuss the matter with their school guidance counselor
  • Come to us to learn how you can encourage your child to open up to the idea of counseling
  • Consider online counseling

In some cases, teenagers need urgent help even when they decline to go for therapy. If your teen engages in risky behavior or you suspect your child might hurt someone else or even themselves, rush them to an emergency room or call 911.

How Do I Know if My Teenager Needs Therapy?

Knowing when and how a teenager is dealing with a problem can be difficult. So, if you’re not sure whether you should take your kid to a therapist, it’s advisable to follow your gut since you know your child best. That said, here are a few signs which could indicate your teenager needs professional help:

  • Dramatic changes in their interactions at school or home
  • Extreme irritability and anger
  • Worrying in excess
  • A change of friends
  • Changes in their sleep patterns and habits
  • Thinking or talking about death
  • Self-destructive behavior like cutting themselves, drinking, or doing drugs

How Much Does Therapy Cost in Los Angeles?

Therapists charge differently. The rates could be per session or hour. Basically, where you live, number of booked sessions, the experience of the therapist, and your health insurance will all factor in the cost of therapy.

Top of the Line Teenager Therapist

It’s not always easy to understand your teenager. Getting them to open up to you about what is going on with them can be frustrating and, most times, impossible. If you feel like you’re losing your teenager, our services for teen therapy in Los Angeles can be what you need. Contact us for help for yourself or a loved one. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize that you need to get help. Make an appointment: 310-561-1008.

Teen Therapy Los Angeles

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